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Ananya Singh



Hello, Gentlemen!

Hope you all are in fine spirit

It is my pleasure to introduce myself to you all. I am Ananya Singh, one of the most famous Yerwada escorts. As far as my body figure is concerned, I am 24 years old girl with 34-24-34. Yerwada has been my favourite place since I was born and brought up here. When it comes to my escortling services, I have been providing them for the past five years. During this time, I have acquired lots of wealth and popularity. It is really a wonderful career for me. Lots of people have been benefitted by my advice. I always do escortling for the right things. Being a conscientious person, I do not compromise with the wrong things in life. I have profound faith in my deeds and perform them diligently and honestly.

Whom do I owe my success to? Well, it is Yerwada escorts services that have given such a grand success in my life. Without them, it would have been really impossible for me to avail my services. I too was a simple girl with a college degree. My parents were ordinary businessmen. Whatever I did, I did on my own. There was none to encourage and motivate me. As a escort, my life is full of great difficulties and challenges. I do not live for myself, but for others. My happiness and welfare lie in other people’s lives. I have totally sacrificed my life for others.  For me, all the men are equal whether they are rich or poor.

  • Name :

    Ananya Singh

  • Age:


  • Weight :


  • Height :

    5 feet 3 inches

  • Hair :

    Crushed Garnet

  • Eyes :


  • Complexion :

    Extremely Fair

  • Measurements:


  • Education:


  • Dress :


  • Languages :

    Hindi & English

  • Travel Scope :


  • Location :


  • Nationality :


  • Favorite food:

    Sweet Coconut Halwa/Barfi, More Like Cake

  • Sexuality :


  • Favorite Place:

    Ajanta Ellora

  • Favorite Color:

    Black, Purple

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Mail Me

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