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69 sex position or Sixty-nine is a preferred sex positions in which the male and female partner give oral sex to each other. The female escort lies on top of the male partner and licks, sucks or deep-throat the penis of the male, straddling her knees near the head of her partner while the male lies on his back aligned to give oral sex to the female escort. As this position resembles 69, hence it has been named as such. Men can enjoy deep throating of dicks sucked or licked by ravishing female and thus get an awesome and unforgettable sensual pleasure. Besides the classic 69, you can go for inverted 69, sideways 69, squatting 69 and standing 69 with greater degree of control adding fun and excitement as well as pleasure in the performance.

Anal Sex

Also known as butt-sex, this involves inserting one’s penis into the butt of the female escort to enjoy sensual pleasure. Anal sex can be enjoyed in various positions such as the missionary, doggy-style, top swap, the little-lift, Bend over Bliss or Sexy Spooning. If you fantasize getting pleasure of anal sex with a horny model or a busty housewife escort, you can always enjoy the back-door entry with your favorite escort with a lot of lube and sex toys. This position gives you a porn-like thrilling experience. You can make the anal sex more pleasurable by engaging in some foreplay, using sex toys, a lot of lube and of course making different variations in sex position. Enjoying the most pleasant anal sex with ravishing escort will fulfill your kinky fetishes giving you maximum sensual pleasure.